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Hyukkie XD

Online again?! Oh yesh!!1!

I. OH MY GOD. I'm online O.O YAYAYAYAY~~~~~~~!!!! XDD
Yup I have FINALLY got internet connection \^o^/

Well, it's very slow, very expensive, and doesn't work as it should >.<
I've had a huge problem with installing it and making it work because that fu...*cough cough* that person who sold me it, wrote wrong number of the sim card >.< I wasted four days running to different places, making calls to service that costed me alot, and trying to figure out what I did wrong if I did anything >.<
Moreover my dvd drive got damaged and it's not working T____T and I bought this notebook not even a month ago T____T my life sucks >.<

But let's get back to the happy thoughts XD

It's been only a week since I met my colleagues from Korean Philology, and I like them very very much already XD Same goes for teachers~~ I'ts gonna be fun year and let's hope the next four too^^
I can't wait for the real classes to start~~ ^^

Gotta go and do my English homework:P