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Sep. 4th, 2007

Snape doing Time Warp~~ XD

Oh, Nic....

Just found this:


I wanna that CM in my TV. And magazines. And everywhere.

Nicholas Tse, why must you be so sexy? You're killing me :O

Aug. 30th, 2007


Puppet Pals~~ and bulls XDD

Have you ever increased population of any town by 1/3? Me and my friends have done so six days ago XDD We went to Kijów, a small village that has only 30 inhabitants(!). There are so many things I could write about, but I won't because I'm lazy xPP We were on crack had so much fun^^ at least me XDD But there are those two things I have to tell you about...

Have you ever been sitting at the riverside enjoying the sun/river/company, when suddenly, out of nowhere a bull appeared? Well, we have. '-Is it a cow?-Yes it is... omg it isn't!' As you can guess we freaked out and ran XDD It's so funny as I think about it now XD According to the bull's owner, Bartuś was afraid of strangers, so it didn't run after us, and luckily none of us wore red things^^;;;

Because we drank a little too much on Saturday got bored, we made our own version of Puppet Pals - The Mysterious Ticking Noise:D

Wanna see it?Collapse )

Jul. 31st, 2007

Hyukkie XD

Life couldn't get better~♪

I've just come back home, and I'm really tired, but I had to say this...

After a full month of stress, uncertainty and despair, I AM NOW OFFICIALLY A STUDENT OF KOREAN PHILOLOGY IN POZNAŃ UNIVERSITY :D:D:D:D:D *dances happily* as some certain boys sing: life couldn't get better XDD They were about to accept only 20 people this year, and 16 people that were before me resigned o_O I was 32 on the list~ Miracles DO happen:D

But I was given only one day to deliver required documents. I'm serious. And it's almost impossible to get there, because there are NO trains or buses from my hometown == Luckily my Dad managed to borrow a car, and we went to Poznań today^^ 16 hours on the road == I'm dead tired _^_

I need Korean dictionary :O And because there are none in Poland I have to import it~ Can anyone recommend me any? I dunno which one is good^^

I was supposed to go watch HP:OotP with ariel_lindt, gantar and xbrat_princessx, but I couldn't because of the deadline... Oh well, some other time^^

I'd better go to sleep now @_@

Jul. 6th, 2007

Yehsung zzZZZz

Exams results~ + HanaKimi

I'm back from my friend's place~ There were four of us, and it was very fun^^ We made sushi~ ...and had problems with eating it, because we made too many again XDD Maybe it wasn't as exclusive as in restaurant, but a few more tries and we'll master the technique of wraping it up :333

Phew. I've finally seen japanese version of HanaKimi^^ What can I say about it... It's definitely worth those 15% rating, but I don't like it DD; They''ve changed the plot so much it hurts o_O Mizuki being bullied at school? Nakatsu arguing with Izumi? Whole dorm going against Izumi? What the heck is that? Not to mention that the first ep ended and Izumi STILL doesn't know Mizuki is a girl o_O I liked Taiwanese version better, it followed the plot~ I don't like when they change the plot too much. And the plot is... totally different from manga o_O I cannot say Japanese version is bad, because it isn't, but it's rather a different story with characters from manga. I'm gonna watch it though, because even if there are things I don't like about it, it's not a bad drama:D And there's Oguri Shun there:D Oh and I have been worried about how that gloomy Horikita Maki will play cheerful Ashiya Mizuki, but I shouldn't have. She did a very good job:D
But I am very dissapointed with the actor who got the role of Doctor 'I am the Sex God' Hokuto D: He's sooooooo ugly and OLD and omg why D: Taiwanese Hokuto wasn't a hottie too D: Did they have problem with finding some hot guy for that role or what? He doesn't even wear glasses as he does in manga T_____T

My, I am so sleepy, I've got a headache from lack of sleep last night and I cannot fall asleep T____T
Damn you, insomnia T____T I'll play Kingdom Hearts for a while, maybe I'll get even more tired and finally fall asleep... At least I hope so~ Good night^^

Jul. 5th, 2007



Hello my f-list:D I know you were all probably hoping I won't be back soon, but you're out of luck so here I am XDD Though not for long cuz I'll be going to my friend in a few minutes^^ I'll be back tomorrow~ At least I think so XDD

Yeah, yeah I know you don't wanna hear a word 'exam' from me cuz I've been torturing you with it for more than two months now, but I'm gonna say it at least one more time XDD But not yet, do not be afraid~ I'll do it tomorrow when I'm back xPP

And now let's see Hyukkie's newest haircut:D

pic~Collapse )

And look at this:

pic~Collapse )

One more thing~ Can anyone of you download things from clubbox? Because I NEED the newest Jiwhaza (aired on 070630) and the download won't start for me DD: I've been trying for few days now, with no result D: and I have no problem with any other file, even from the same clubbox. Weird. And Annoying. Anyone can help? Pretty please? *puppy eyes*

And bittersweet_bun posted first ep of japanese version of HanaKimi:D Love her for that:D Too bad I didn't had time to watch it yet... T___T

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